SENTER Took Part In CeBit 2018, June10-June15

Time: 2018-06-27 Author: admin

    From June 14, 2018 to 18, Shandong SENTER went to Germany to take part in the Cebit Expo and got a great success.

    The annual German CeBIT exhibition is the world's largest authoritative exhibition of information, communications and software, and is the world's largest ICT event. It provides an excellent international platform for the publication of network results and the display of innovative products and technologies.

    In 2018, the Cebit exhibition was divided into 4 zones. The Pavilion 12 is the exclusive exhibition area of IT, telecom systems and consumer electronics distributors, and SENTER booth was E80-8-1.

    In this exhibition, a series of self-research IOT products, communication handheld PDA tester, VDSL tester, outdoor solar powered security monitoring platform have been displayed, which further promoted the popularity in Europe and the global market. The new and old customers on the exhibition showed a strong interest in our products.

I. IOT products

    Android7.1 OS, IP67 IOT, industrial design, long distance bar code scanning function, super high quality, let the audience praise frequently.

2. Telecom Test Instrument

    ST327 PDA telecom operators outdoor mobile terminal, powerful integration test function, by Vodafone, O2, France Telecom and many other customers.

    SENTER meets the needs of various application scenes with its rich variety of products and perfect technology, attracting a large number of audiences to come to the booth for in-depth negotiation and put forward specific demand for product customization. At the same time, some more regular customers visited us, expressing their new expectations and intentions for our products.


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