How ST2303B Site Security Camera To Monitor The Smart Grid? Power industry news

Time: 2018-06-01 Author: admin

    ST2303B, SENTER Site Security Cameras can be used in the place like Construction, Security&Surveillance, Oil&Gas, Agriculture, Public Safety where no power electronic,no any network. In China, it is widely used to minitor the Grid.

    It use  new method for monitoring sub-electrical power station security, service and maintenance. And the  system consists of a outdoor camera solar powered for surveillance system, in which the electrical system prevention and monitoring can also be operated by using the thermal viewer (sensor). communication by Sim card.

    This equipment can be installed in the system of substation in order to create stability for  electricity system throughout the Smart Grids. Intelligent cameras outdoor solar powered work in the  place no broadnetwork,no power electronic.

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