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ST907 V3 Helps Czech Users with Instant Weighing

Tim: 2019-05-07 Author: Admin


Accurate weighing saves field storage costs, saves time moving to another weight and speeds up material flow.It makes the material into the ideal control, also suitable for shipping and routine inventory.Due to weight data statistics requirements, they need A portable device that can send data A to PC and processing.


  • The forklift works in a harsh environment with poor protection common tablet PC.

  • It is difficult for normal industrial tablets to meet both data transmission and power supply of OTG line.



Czech customer and Senter made a cooperation aiming to save the cost of field storage by accurate weighing, for which our company has configured ST907 V3 mobile IOT terminal. ST907v3.0 can display the weight in real time during the precise weighing process of the forklift, and save the weight data, which will be transmitted to PC in real time through the data network and processing.



  • Automatic information collection speeds up weighing efficiency.

  • All collected data can be transmitted wirelessly to the background management system in real time, which is safe, convenient and convenient for managers to check at any time.

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