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PDA Helps Russian MTC Improve Operational Efficiency

Tim: 2019-05-07 Author: Admin


MTC is the largest telecom operator in Moscow, Russia. Due to the development of the business, the number of orders received every day has increased significantly, and the original manual management model can no longer meet the current efficient management needs.


Installation and maintenance people need to carry a lot of haeavy instruments and meters.

Complex terminal configuration, low work efficiency, long working time, poor perception of user experience, etc.

Gigabit network is popularity, but  gigabit speed test terminals were better choices  compareing with expensive delicate computes. 

Lack of effective supervision methods for installation and maintenance members  ,unable to master the installation and maintenance situation.



Based on 20 years of experience in telecommunication industry, Setner created the ST327 PDA intelligence operation integrated solution for operators. It helps the operational front-line staff, manages and also the customer in optical network  and online TV construction in terms of resource, data, and personnel control.


Telecom management system platform is embedded in PDA to improve management efficiency.

One key speed platform application, view the installation of broadband access
Troubleshooting, detecting, locating and resolving obstacles.

Simulation PC, do not need to use a computer, you can dial, broadband speed measurement.

One machine multi-function, almost covers the installation and maintenance of all commonly used instrument functions.

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