Success Stories

ST327 with Telekom Srbija

Tim: 2019-05-09 Author: Admin


Telekom Srbija, a state-controlled operator, launched a nationwide network modernization transformation in 2016 to expand the coverage of high-speed broadband, requiring three years to complete the entire network transformation and 100 Mbps universal coverage, making Serbia Telecom a leading telecommunications operator in the Balkans.


Lack of effective supervision methods for maintenance personnel and tools, chaotic management of public and private equipment, outgoing maintenance personnel need to carry a large number of instruments and instruments, inconvenience to carry, a large number of tools, resulting in inefficient work and poor user perception.



ST327PDA integrates information acquisition, testing, transmission and identification. It can make the whole process work in one machine. It cooperates fully with maintenance personnel to diagnose obstacles, test indicators and improve efficiency.


Telecom worksheet embedding, improve efficiency.

One machine, multi-function, easy to solve the different needs of different customers.

Test results can be easily saved and uploaded for analysis summary.

Hand-held, unified training, rapid barrier removal, enhance user perception.

Product Model:ST327-VGHIXDT 

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